Designed from the ground up to
provide Greentree enterprise grade cloud benefits


AOD Greentree



  • AOD for Greentree makes accessing your Greentree easy. Simply connect securely to AOD for Greentree via your existing web browser.
  • You don’t have to be an instruction-deciphering genius. AOD for Greentree can be easily set up in as little as a minute—absolutely no PC setup or complex VPN configuration is required. That means you’ll have instant, secure access from any device or OS.
  • AOD for Greentree  will ensure all your centralised business systems are effortlessly and efficiently ready for use whenever and wherever you need them.

Any Device

  • Unrivalled accessibility
  • Rather than simply hosting data, AOD for Greentree moves the entire Greentree Database to the cloud, enabling it to be accessed from almost any type of Internet-connected device—and perform faster.
  • This allows staff members that use Mac, iPad and Android tablets to use the full functionality of their business applications in the exact same way as they would from a Windows computer, giving you unrivalled accessibility.



Access anywhere

  • Faster speeds, no matter the connection
  • When moving to cloud platforms, the increase in distance between users and the Greentree  usually means performance suffers dramatically.
  • With AOD for Greentree , all your applications (such as , MS Office and BI apps) are delivered via extremely efficient, proven network bandwidth systems. This means that even with limited 3G mobile access, AOD Apps are accessible anywhere, at any time.

Comprehensive support

  • Comprehensive support 
  • Trust the reliability that comes with having your IT managed by AOD for Greentree .
  • When you migrate your applications over to AOD, you can relax knowing you get full support for all the systems and applications running in the AOD for Greentree cloud.
  • What’s more, because all applications run directly in the cloud, the user’s devices experience much simpler, more efficient operation. 


Support Note:
As customers are free to use any device, end point devices are the customer’s responsibility.
Third party application support is provided in partnership with the relevant vendors.



Effortless efficiency all starts with a business focus from the outset.

  • AOD for Greentree’s cloud infrastructure has been specially developed from the ground up to host the your mission critical business applications, with multiple Australian data centre locations and state-of-the-art security, networking, design and backup.
  • Want to know just how lighting fast, reliable, expandable and secure our cloud platform really is?
  • Just ask our global portfolio of clients located across Australia, Europe, South-east Asia and Africa.


Going above and beyond what’s expected—that’s the AOD way. We know that only the most comprehensive solution at our end will translate into a seamless experience at yours. With our supreme Australian data centres, enterprise-grade architecture, redundant infrastructure, network peering and N+1 backup, we’re able to make your IT more:

  • Cost-effective
  • Predictable
  • Secure
  • Reliable and resilient.

Efficient cloud solutions that make your business more effective?

Now that’s effortless !

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