At a cross roads, on premise or cloud? 

AOD were able to migrate Austral Fisheries core applications from aging infrastructure at head office to a complete cloud hosted solution, serving a demanding work force situated across the country. These are the kind of cloud solutions AOD can architect and deliver.

With the expansion of its trading operation and the need for flexibility in the face of changing local and international markets and regulations, Austral Fisheries is confident that their cloud based ERP solution will continue to grow with it.


Using an efficient remote access solution, office and remote users have complete online access to all their cloud based applications hosted on AODs platform.

Austral Fisheries ERP systems ability to operate comfortably in the Cloud has also benefited them, removing the need to upgrade its on premise servers. AOD engineers, managed and migrated their systems seamlessly without downtime.

“They can process supplier invoices, payroll details, and update the general ledger just once, and we will have all the information live on one system,”

“There’s no double entry and one integrated system gives senior executives access to live and timely results, so business performance is constantly maintained and areas for improvement are highlighted.”

“This is an excellent cost saver”

“The AOD team has been great in setting up the hosting service and we expect this too will be a long-term relationship.”

“The future is exciting, with our growth and diversification plans”

Highlighted: Greg Johnston, CFO and Company Secretary Austral Fisheries

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