Move your Greentree to the cloud

AOD & Greentree – Better Together

AOD Greentree

Move Greentree to the cloud

With AOD for Greentree, you can move any existing Greentree applications into the cloud.

Why start again from scratch?


  • AOD for Greentree has been specifically built and tuned for Greentree, you can move your entire existing Greentree system into the cloud.
  • With AOD for Greentree your staff have access to everything a Greentree system can offer, no matter the computer or where they are in the world – all by simply browsing the AOD Apps website.
  • What’s more, our industry leading and expertly tuned infrastructure means you’ll experience Greentree faster and more reliably than ever before. 


Restore order to your IT costs

With AOD for Greentree there are no hidden costs.

  • All aspects of the solution are taken care of in a neatly packaged, consistent and easy-to-calculate monthly usage model.
  • You can be assured that no matter how big or complex your Greentree environment becomes, AOD for Greentree will ensure your valuable business systems and data are always protected.
  • AOD for Greentree means your systems will never run out of capacity and, continue to run smoothly without you even noticing, and your valuable business systems and data are always protected.

So what’s left to worry about? 

Predict and manage your expenditure with ease.

AOD – The full Solution

The reason why AOD is able to make your business’ shift into cloud computing so seamless is because it incorporates only the best parts of the Software as a Service (SaaS) world with the best of the licensed software model, providing one of the most comprehensive solutions available.

With AOD for Greentree:

  • Your existing Greentree system can be effortlessly moved to AOD to reap the benefits of the only modern, fast and proven cloud platform for Greentree.
  • Greentree runs as a true cloud service you define how many staff have access, we take care of the rest.
  • You continue to own the software license and have direct access to all the business data within your Greentree system.
  • In short, while other cloud providers can deliver traditional generic cloud servers, AOD is the only end-to-end solution for Greentree in the cloud.
  • No wonder more customers trust AOD with their Greentree systems than any other cloud.




Supported by the experts in cloud and Greentree

  • A great cloud solution needs even better ongoing support.
  • AOD is backed by a team of experts – not only in cloud technologies but also in Greentree and related technologies too.
  • With all your issues dealt with by one cohesive team, there is simply no room for any unproductive disputes between cloud, IT and software providers.
  • AOD offers you pure, reliable support.

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