AOD for Greentree Secure

Cloud based Disaster Recovery Solution

AOD for Greentree Secure

AOD takes the hassle out of Disaster Recovery (DR) – providing a fully supported and managed DR environment for your Greentree Systems. AOD allows for minimal downtime and provides peace of mind !

  • Rapid Switch Over

Rapid switch over means just that. If your system crashes, you’re back up and running almost immediately. Its designed for customers that need data recovery to the point-of-failure immediately and provides a hot swap Greentree system.

  • Totally protected

You are totally protected – with a fully secure DR environment, which not only contains your Greentree systems but enables access to your complete Greentree corporate IT environment: staff can log into it remotely, securely and immediately when a DR event is called.

Reasons to have a Disaster Recovery plan

  • No business can afford to gamble with its data by using antiquated backup or even worse no backup at all.

  • Regardless of the industry you’re in or the size of your business, having a solid backup and DR plan is imperative.

  • Today with high speed Internet connectivity, data can be protected effectively by transporting and storing it in a secure data centre facility where it can be accessed when the need arises.

  • Yes, data loss is certain. At some stage it is inevitable. Either a hardware failure,  human or natural disaster will occur and you need to have peace of mind that this has been pre-empted effectively.

  • Having off-site disaster recovery is fundamental when protecting your core application data.

With AOD  for Greentree Secure , you can relax knowing there won’t be any surprises in store.

AOD take care of everything and neatly package your DRP solution  into a consistent, easy-to-calculate monthly usage model—no setup costs, no locked-in contracts.

Disaster Recovery – Simple!

Features of  AOD for Greentree Secure

How AOD for Greentree Secure fits together

  • 1. Replication

    AOD for Greentree Secure is an automated replication and recovery solution for Greentree environments. It includes Active Directory (AD) user-account and security replication. All data is replicated in real time and is fully automated, managed and monitored.

  • 2. Storage

    All of your confidential corporate data is securely housed off-site in the AOD Cloud. Enterprise-grade security, both physically and at the data level is utilised to protect your important corporate data.

  • 3. Instant Switch-over

    With AOD for Greentree Secure, your Greentree systems, AD user accounts and security are continually replicated, the replicated servers and remote login applications are always on standby. An instant switch-over is available in a disaster and all staff can access the corporate data remotely from any location. This fully managed solution allows for instant switch-over to the replicated environment in the event of a disaster.


    AOD for Greentree Secure is a totally managed solution, with in-built infrastructure redundancy. Our engineers continually monitor your replicated systems so continuity is guaranteed and covered by a Service Level Agreement (SLA).


    Your replicated environment is available immediately, and is accessed securely and easily via a simple secure login from any web browser. Your systems are continually monitored and protected by enterprise-grade firewalls and security.

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