We are a start up company. Is it better to move to the cloud rather than buying our own infrastructure?

  Yes, the return on your investment would be suited to starting up with cloud hosting. With a minimal CAPEX spend you can be using enterprise-grade infrastructure and applications with all the benefits of having experienced qualified engineers supporting you. As your needs grow, we can grow with you.

Will the performance of my applications run better in the AOD Cloud?


AOD Cloud has been hosting mission critical applications for 10 years. Our systems have been designed with this in mind. Using the latest technology, IT infrastructure and software we guarantee that performance in the cloud will be superior. Our system engineers have years of experience between them and have designed the IT system infrastructure to provide security, performance and reliability.

What type of uptime can we expect and does AOD provide any SLA’s?

AOD Cloud services provides an SLA with an up time of 99.9% availability.

Can we move from our existing cloud provider to AOD?

Yes, we can migrate any physical machine or VM into our cloud infrastructure.

What other line of business Apps can AOD host?

AOD Apps can run most line of business applications. We have years of experience and have supported many ERP and CRM solutions on our infrastructure, like Microsoft Dynamics, Greentree ERP, Sage, Pronto, MYOB and Quicken (to name a few).

Who is responsible for updating and patching the server’s operating systems?

Since AOD Apps is a fully managed solution, our engineers do all this for you. Part of the solution with AOD cloud (our IaaS solution) is normally undertaken by the client.  In saying that, with AOD Apps we have an IT support and management solution that can be organised with our team and done on an ‘as needed’ basis.

Do you offer a fully managed service?

Yes, AOD Apps is fully managed. We take care of all the hassle of, configuring, upgrading, patching and maintaining the servers and apps.

Can we use your data centre as DR environment?

Yes, you can back up your critical data and Virtual Machines to our data centre.

If our storage requirements change, can we upgrade?

Yes, capacity is easily upgraded.

Is our data safe on AOD?

Yes. We run enterprise grade firewalls and our infrastructure is fully redundant. With AOD Apps we back up your critical data twice daily.

How does licensing work on AOD Cloud?

We are able to provide licensing via Microsoft SPLA licensing agreements

We own our own Microsoft licences. Can we bring these onto your servers?

With most cloud hosting you need to have open licence agreements with SA software assurance—we can discuss this further.

Are AOD Apps backed up?

Yes, we offer a fully managed solution that includes backups and archiving.data_Backup_normal

Are we able to connect securely into our cloud-based applications?

Yes, we offer connectivity via secure VPN and can provide direct interconnects into our private data centres.

How is CPU and RAM storage provisioned on AOD Cloud?

Through our consulting service, your IT infrastructure and applications will be specified accordingly and the amount of CPU, RAM and storage will be provisioned according to the requirements of the individual solution.

The amount of resources utilised can also be scaled up as your requirements grow.

If our needs change is AOD Apps scalable?

AOD Apps is fully upward scalable so we can grow with your organisation.

Are AOD data centres local?

Yes, two redundant data centres are located in Australia.Aus-data-network

What is the difference between AOD Apps and AOD Cloud?

AOD Apps is the  full service delivery of your application from our cloud infrastructure – we take care of all the underlying layers to provide you the guaranteed delivery of your specific applications to the end device.

AOD Cloud gives you the end user access to the nuts and bolts of the underlying infrastructure and applications -you are free to modify, change, upgrade and maintain the systems. With AOD Cloud you have full control over your IT environment within the cloud.

Are we locked into long contracts?

No. AOD Cloud and AOD Apps can be provisioned monthly and paid for by the month

What is the difference between virtualisation and cloud hosting?

Virtualisation is the process of hosting an operating system virtually. All the underlying hardware components are simulated via software drivers and the physical host, via its software, allocates and manages the actual physical devices like the storage, RAM and CPU. Cloud hosting is the commercialisation of this type of computerisation with the delivery of shared computing resources, software or data as a service via the Internet, as opposed to virtualisation, which is just part of the physical infrastructure

What are cloud servers?

A cloud server is a virtual server that is hosted in a cloud provider’s infrastructure and delivered through a computing platform over the Internet. Cloud servers possess and exhibit similar capabilities and functionality to a physical server but are accessed remotely from a cloud service provider