Technical specifications AOD Cloud 

AOD Cloud


Reliable access, faster performance

  • AOD’s central facilities are located in Perth and are equipped with top-tier backbone Internet access across multiple providers to ensure the highest levels of reliability and performance.
  • Thanks to special arrangements and configurations, AOD cross-country traffic travels over the fastest backbone links. This connection operates at a network response time of less than 20 milliseconds.
  • What’s more, an additional direct link to Australia’s premier Internet exchange—IX Australia—gives AOD a direct connection to Australia’s premier ISPs such as iiNet, PIPE/TPG, Amcom, Exetel, Pacific Internet and many more.

Internal networking

Optimum performance

  • All of AOD’s systems are linked via highly reliable and extremely fast 10GB networking. Additionally, years of optimisation at every level of the network ensure maximum LAN performance.
  • As a result, data-intensive operations between applications such as Excel and SQL data sources perform extremely well.


Compute systems

  • As a key component of any cloud infrastructure, AOD’s virtualisation host servers are sourced exclusively from Tier-1 hardware providers. Carefully designed for maximum reliability, all servers are equipped with redundant connectivity to essentials such as power, storage and networking.
  • Servers also undergo an aggressive replacement lifecycle and are monitored carefully to predict and circumvent outages due to hardware failure, with server upgrades and replacements occurring with no outages to AOD customers.
  • AOD’s virtualisation environment is based on the Enterprise Plus edition of the VMware hypervisor and cloud management stack.
  • To allow AOD to respond to changes in demand quickly, individual AOD systems can be assigned additional RAM, CPU and storage resources without requiring any downtime or reboots.

Storage systems

  • The performance and reliability of any computing environment is deeply dependent on the underlying storage systems. Database-centric systems in particular are heavily reliant on the storage architecture for fast and consistent performance.
  • AOD has been designed and optimised specifically for cloud hosting database-centric applications, offering industry-leading storage and database application performance. With approximately 100 performance-sensitive and mission-critical databases operating within it, AOD is a tested and proven environment for even the most intensive database applications.
  • This outstanding performance is achieved through using advanced systems and techniques that go far beyond even Solid State Disk (SSD) technologies.




  • AOD provides managed security services covering below-OS antivirus and malware protection and extensive network security.
  • Antivirus and anti-malware software which operates below the operating system (OS) can detect and prevent infections which software installed on top of an OS simply cannot.
  • Combined with the firewalling and intrusion detection / prevention systems which continually monitor, log and control access to AOD, customer systems and data are kept safe and well protected.

Monitoring and Alerting

So seamless you won’t even notice

  • As a full-service platform, the AOD team continually monitors and responds to system changes, meaning no actions have to be taken by partners or customers.
  • To achieve this proactive operation, AOD incorporates an extensive monitoring platform that tracks a large range of services and performance metrics.
  • Ensuring smooth, seamless operations, with issues detected before they are even noticed by users.


Pure visibility
Access to this monitoring platform can be arranged to provide extra visibility into your systems and operations. This historical visibility of performance and usage-centric metrics allows AOD customers to track and correlate utilisation changes with changes to the business. Additionally, performance metrics are automatically compared with previous weeks to highlight unusual events or activity.

Managed backup services


  • Fast back-ups, preserved performance

AOD customers’ data and systems are protected using AOD’s managed backup service. This service is designed to provide fast and reliable backups of large amounts of data without impacting the performance of the systems.

  • Modern architecture

The managed backup service is configured to comprehensively protect all of the customer’s data.
Thanks to its thoroughly modern architecture, entire sets of customer data (comprising hundreds of gigabytes) can be backed up frequently with minimal impact on the customer’s VMs performance and response times.
Because each backup is a full and complete backup of the protected systems, customer systems can be restored from any desired backup in their entirety. There is no need for the typically slow and error-prone layered process of restoring the latest full data set and incremental data set.

  • A comprehensive backup solution

Unlike many cloud backup solutions, AOD’s managed backup service is optimised to provide effective off-site backup data protection as well as fast recovery from accidental deletion or software corruptions. This is made possible through the use of two independent backup storage repositories—one optimised for on-site fast recovery and one for off-site data protection.