At AOD, we make business IT management easy. That’s because we’re one of the only cloud solutions built exclusively for business. It all starts with our industry leading technology backed by a dedicated team of experienced technology and business experts, allowing us to provide modern cloud environments tailored specifically for commercial needs.

AOD Apps – you can move any existing business applications into the cloud. Your business applications are securely hosted in an AOD data center.
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AOD for Greentree – we make embracing the cloud effortless. AOD has cloud hosted its client’s Greentree applications for the last 10 years.
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AOD Cloud – customers can take advantage of our cutting edge technology and infrastructure to cloud host virtually any systems or applications in an IaaS model.
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AOD Consulting – our consultants can assist with expert guidance & consulting services to help you realise the benefits of cloud computing.
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Going above and beyond what’s expected—that’s the AOD way. We know that only the most comprehensive reliable solutions and infrastructure  at our end will translate into a seamless experience at yours. 
Our success helping businesses over the last ten years makes AOD the proven name in cloud solutions, with hundreds of  mission critical databases, ERP systems and literally hundreds of customers relying on us every day.
AOD Cloud Infrastructure has been built from the ground up to provide superior performance for its  clients mission critical core business applications.
Combined with the firewalling and intrusion detection / prevention systems which continually monitor, log and control access to AOD, customer systems and data are kept safe and well protected.
Know your IT costs upfront – a consistent, easy-to-calculate monthly model.
With our exclusive focus on business-grade cloud systems, AOD makes the perfect partner for productive businesses.

AOD has been trusted to cloud host countless business critical applications for the last ten years, making us one of the most established and longest running cloud providers in the industry.

The bottom line is, AOD’s business pedigree and track record make your IT smooth, efficient and hassle-free — so you’re able to get on with what you do best.

AOD’s cloud infrastructure spans multiple Redundant data centre locations with state-of-the-art security, networking, design and backup, making our cloud platform lighting fast, reliable, expandable and secure.

From ASX-listed public companies to not-for-profit organisations, AOD is helping small to medium enterprises the world over get more out of their IT, with clients located across Australia, Europe, South-east Asia and Africa.

Included with AOD Cloud Solutions: